89208 89209 Item # Description UOM 89208 89209 Item # Description UOM Gauging Tape • 1/2" x 25' with black markings bonded to steel • All frames include a grounding strap • 20 oz. solid brass bob; graduated in inches to 1/8ths, blunt point • Plumb bob sold separately Item # Description UOM 85671 Gauging tape Ea 89011 20 oz. plumb bob, graduated in inches Ea 89091 Wiper Ea Tank Gauge Stick • Effective for the measurement of underground storage tanks • All edges rounded slightly for smooth handling • Polypropylene button added to foot of pole for protection • Durable 2.5 mil. with coating to protect against chemicals • Scales are embossed in 1/8" or 1/2 centimeters Item # Description UOM 85841 Tank gauge, 14' Ea Gauging Paste • Available for testing for the presence of water at the bottom of fuel storage tanks or the presence of oil in water tanks • Suitable only for use with petrol, diesel, kerosene, gas oil, heating oil, heavy oil, and lubricating oil • Changes color to brilliant red where it comes into contact with fluids being tested 87228 87227 Item # Description UOM 87227 Gauging paste for detecting water Ea 87228 Gauging paste for detecting petroleum products Ea 85671 85672 Cargo Thermometerand Refills • Tank thermometers in wood back case • Available in 20/220° or 170/500° models • Replacement thermometers available for both models • Made to ASTM specifications Item # Description UOM Cargo thermometer, 85672 Ea 20/220° w/ wood back Cargo thermometer, 85673 Ea 170/500° w/ wood back 85674 Thermometer refill for 20/220° model Ea 85675 Thermometer refill for 170/500° model Ea Sight Glass • Clear sight glass used to monitor available fluids in tanks • 5/8" x 96" sight glass 89208 Sight glass, 5/8" x 96" Ea 89209 Sight glass valves Pr 85469 Sight glass brush Ea Please call your representative today for more information on options, pricing, and availability.
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